7 Recession-proof businesses

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Businesses that thrive in recession

Grocery stores


Grocery stores can weather the storm of a recession because people will still need to buy food.

Discount retailers


Recession is an excellent time for discount retailers to thrive if they can provide what people want at a lower price than competitors.

Wine & Liquor


Good times or bad times – people always drink alcohol. Drinking is a form of escapism for some people when the time is terrible.

Pet products


Per projections, people in the USA will spend more than $100 billion on their pets by 2022

Freight and Logistics


As soon as the economy revived in 2008, e-commerce businesses witnessed a sudden spike in sales growth. With online sales, demand for delivery services also surges.

Education & Childcare


Even when people are uncertain about their financial future, they still want to provide their children with the best quality education possible and is willing to spend money.

Cleansing  Services


Though starting a professional cleansing service during a recession may seem counterintuitive, it can be a great time to get your business off the ground.

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